Bring on Spring

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It was finally time to say good bye to our holiday displays this week and to... bring on Spring. Which turned out to be the perfect change. 

The holidays are one of the best times of the year for storefront displays.  With the snowy garland and twinkling lights almost anything can be made to look and feel magical.  I call this "Shop Magic."  "Shop Magic" is the feeling of happiness and joy that customers feel when they enter the shop.  It's formed from many elements, but the biggest element to me is the physical environment.  It's what draws them in and keeps them there.  During the holidays this is easily achievable using Christmas lights and decorations, but no one talks about what happens when it's time to pack that Christmas cheer away to bring on a new year and season. How do you continue to find and deliver that "Shop Magic" without the twinkling lights and frosted trees?

To me the magic reappears when you are given a clean slate.  There is a satisfaction and peacefulness that enters the shop at the beginning of the year.  With everything counted, cleaned, and cleared a blank canvas is able to emerge.  This is when the "Shop Magic" can return allowing for a new vision to take life.  The best thing about retail nothing ever stays the same and there is always a need for creativity. 

This season we're bringing that magic to the shop by focusing on a minimalistic look with bright whites, clean lines, and simple design.  Color, texture, and shape are what bring this aesthetic to life.  We've layered different tones of white and beige to create a monochromatic color scheme. We've then added some warmth to the space by layering in a few rustic pieces and plants.  

One of my top three design rules is that all rooms should have at least one plant.  Plants give life to a space and making it feel like a home. If you haven't been gifted with a green thumb there are a plethora of amazing faux plants that will give the exact same look and feel to a space as a real plant.  That being said not every plant is high maintenance and if you want to go for the real deal you can check out the slideshow in the link below that features a slide show from Better Home & Gardens on 23 low maintenance plants and how to take care of them.

Thank you for sticking with me through this post. I hope it has given you a little inspiration for your home.  Feel free to let us know if you feel that "Shop Magic" when you stop in this season!  If you want to take some magic home you can shop

As always have a wonderful week and don't stop looking for the sunshine!




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