Rescuing Piper

Rescuing Piper

Hi Everyone,

Hope your week is off to not a good, but great start.   I just wanted to give you a little life update, since I haven't been able to see you in person as much due to COVID restrictions. I'm looking to find new ways to communicate and connect with you while still being safe. You will be seeing more and more posts from me over the coming weeks.   Definitely comment and DM me with suggestions.  I want to make sure that I'm choosing topics that you want to read about.  Today I decided to go for real life instead of fashion.  With everything going on in the world I find myself looking more for what really matters.  One of those things is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and I happened to find that with my recently adopted four legged fur babies.  They have completely taken over my life, but in the best way possible.

I'm curious how many of our customers own a pet or are animal lovers.  If you have a pet or love animals put a picture of them in the comments.  I would love to see some cuteness overload!  There are so many wonderful and silly creatures in the world.

My Dad always said that I could never work at an animal recuse because I would end up with a house full of pets.  Wouldn't you know it he was right!

In last four months I have become a mom to two kittens, named Luna & Skye (sisters) and a beautiful crazy pup named Piper.  I had been searching for Luna and Skye for awhile, but my puppy Piper that is a completely different story.

Growing up I always had a dog, a golden retriever to be specific.  I always knew that I would want my own dog one day, but just kept thinking I wasn't ready.  A few months ago fate stepped in.  I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason.  When Ann walked into the shop with Piper it was love at first site!  Luckily Piper was being fostered, so I put in an adoption application and here we are two peas in a pod.  She is definitely a little crazy, and scared of everything due to her history, but she loves like no other.  We are currently in the process of training her, but eventually she will be at the shop with me every day! Be sure to stop by and say, Hi.

That's my little life update for now and if you feel the need to rescue then go for it.  Just make sure you have room in your heart, lots of time to give, lots of love to give, and lots of patience. If you have all that then rescue, rescue, rescue! You will not regret it.  These animals deserve so much love, and if you love them they will make you their whole world!


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